Hoboken’s Streets Enchanted by “The Heap” Puppet

The Heap Puppet
The Heap Puppet image courtesy of tapinto.net

Exclusive: Hoboken’s Streets Enchanted by “The Heap” Puppet 

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HOBOKEN, NJ – An unexpected spectacle graced the streets of Hoboken this past Friday. A distinctive puppet, known as “The Heap,” captured the attention and curiosity of many. This puppet is the creation of local artist Paul Andrejco, who has deep ties to the Hoboken community.

Andrejco shared the profound symbolism behind his creation, stating, “The theme of The Heap is a reflection of the fact that ‘We all carry a lot of stuff with us and as we get older it just keeps building.'” He further elaborated on the items on The Heap’s back, explaining they can be seen as metaphors for “worries, regrets, mistakes, all [that] interact with each other to take on a life of their own. Folklore and fantasy are a mask over one’s life, enabling us to better examine certain issues.”

The event was a collaboration with the Hoboken Business Alliance (HBA). Roxanne Earley, the Executive Director of the HBA, expressed her enthusiasm for such unique experiences in Hoboken. She emphasized the desire to make Hoboken “a place full of surprise and delight and whimsy,” noting that such initiatives are beneficial for both businesses and the community. Recounting a particularly memorable moment, Earley described how children were irresistibly drawn to The Heap, saying, “There was a moment we were walking through Columbus Park and children were flocking around him like he was the piper.”

Andrejco’s bond with The Heap is deeply personal. While the puppet bears some resemblance to him, Andrejco clarified that it’s not a direct caricature. However, he did acknowledge, “there’s a little bit of me in there.”

The puppet’s debut was not just a display but a significant milestone for Andrejco, marking the realization of a concept he had nurtured for three decades. The Hoboken Historical Museum will further honor The Heap with a special reception, celebrating this unique addition to Hoboken’s vibrant arts scene.