Hoboken City Council Imposes New Trash Ordinance to Tackle Rodent Activity

Hoboken garbage container distribution
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Hoboken City Council: Tight-Lid Trash to Reduce Rodent Activity
Hoboken, NJ
— In an attempt to curb rodent activity and ensure cleaner streets, the Hoboken City Council voted 5-4 to approve an ordinance requiring all residential or mixed-use properties with 10 or fewer units to use trash containers with tight-fitting lids. This law applies both at the curb for collection and for storage between collections.

The regulation is designed to significantly reduce rodent food sources from trash, directly addressing the city’s rodent problem. The ordinance extends to properties with more than 10 units as well. They must use containerized garbage bins with tight-fitting lids unless there are space limitations. If space is a constraint, property owners or landlords must use disposable garbage bags. However, these bags should have rodent repellent and be at least 1.1 mils thick. Alternatively, if the bags do not contain rodent repellent, they should be at least 3 mils thick. In case plastic bags are used, the garbage must be stored indoors between collections.

The law will come into effect on August 24. Property owners found violating the law could receive a notice of violation. During the next City Council meeting, a further ordinance will be considered. This new proposal requires all trash to be stored in cans weighing no more than 50lbs and includes a provision for exceptional circumstances.

Given that waste collectors from Cali Carting manually lift the garbage, the company recommends that all new garbage containers should not be larger than 32 gallons to help keep the weight under the 50lb limit as per the City’s contract.

The city administration is exploring the potential purchase of a significant quantity of containerized garbage cans. These will be available for limited distribution to property owners in the coming months.

For additional details about the new ordinance, residents can visit https://local.nixle.com/alert/10228245/ and read the City’s FAQ at https://local.nixle.com/alert/10239745/. This step by the Hoboken City Council further emphasizes the city’s commitment to cleanliness and public health.