Hoboken Woman Losses $5900 in Phone Scam, Police says

On Wednesday January 9th, 2019, the victim receives a phone call from an unknown person claiming to be from the Social Security Office out of the State of Texas. After being informed of a possible arrest warrant for the victim, she was advised restitution could be made by withdrawing all the money from her personal bank account in order to purchase gift cards. Once the gift cards were purchased the codes were sent to the unknown person.

The victim later realizes that the conversation was part of a scam and notified the police department. The money was later transferred out of the gift cards. The victim suffered a loss of approximately $5900.00.

On Wednesday January 9th, 2019, the victim claims she received a call from the Social Security Office about an arrest warrant and was given instructions to withdraw all her money from her bank account and to deposit the money into bitcoin machines. The victim made a deposit of $3000.00 into a bitcoin machine in Jersey City and another $3000.00 into another bitcoin machine in Hoboken. All codes were given to the caller. The victim suffered a loss of approximately $6000.00.

The Hoboken Police Department has received reports about several scams. Some of the most recent scams have been from callers claiming to be from the IRS or Social Security Office. The victim is threatened with arrest if they do not withdraw money from their bank accounts and purchase gift cards. The money is later withdrawn after the victim provides codes for the gift cards. If anyone receives a call similar to the scams mentioned, is asked to not engage the caller and to terminate the call immediately. If the victim is unsure, please notify the local police for assistance. The Hoboken Police Department can be reached at 201-420-2100



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