Hoboken wants your Opinion: Hoboken’s Zero Waste Initiative Survey

Zero Waste Initiative Survey
photo courtesy of tapinto.net (Steve Lenox)

Hoboken’s Zero Waste Initiative: A Call to Action

HOBOKEN – The City of Hoboken is championing a greener future with its ambitious Zero Waste Initiative. In a bid to make this vision a reality, city officials are inviting residents, businesses, and property managers to voice their opinions and insights through an online survey.

The Zero Waste Initiative is not just a campaign; it’s a commitment. The city aims to drastically reduce waste, minimize greenhouse gas emissions, and foster a sustainable environment for its residents. The feedback from the survey will be instrumental in shaping Hoboken’s future Zero Waste Plan, which promises not only environmental benefits but also an enhanced quality of life and cost savings for taxpayers.

City officials urge the community to participate actively, emphasizing that every voice counts in building a sustainable future.

For more details on the Zero Waste Initiative and to participate in the survey, residents can visit the official page. The survey will remain open until Oct. 5 at 6 p.m.