Hudson County TV’s Fernando Uribe outlines the talking points as to why New Jersey should follow Colorado and Washington in the legalization of marijuana for recreational use. *Disclaimer* The following editorial is solely the opinion of the host. It does not represent those of Hudson County TV, its producers or sponsors.


  1. Where is the part were you say bringing marijuana can actually work to help lower our taxes since marijuana is highly taxed

  2. Wow great reporting Fernando….Kudos to you…hip hip hooray….Applause…yeahhhhhh……forgot to mention that marijuana is even less dangerous than cigarettes.marijuana has many therapeutical and medical benefits as well….

  3. I M eagerly awaiting the statistics from Colorado & Washington state for the first year of legal pot!
    When people see that it is still!!! the drunks & not pot heads causing All the traffic fatalities in their states we will have an honest picture of the dangers/evils of pot in this country!!!