Hudson County Allocates $280,500 to Housing & Community Reintegration Program

Hudson County Green Initiatives
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Hudson County Allocates $280,500 to Housing & Community Reintegration Program

Jersey City, NJ – The Hudson County Board of Commissioners has announced the approval of a $280,500 grant for the Housing & Community Reintegration Program. This decision was made public on September 18, 2023, from their administrative annex located at 567 Pavonia Avenue.

The funds, sourced from the State of New Jersey, will be redirected to The Waterfront Project, a segment of Northeast New Jersey Legal Services. The Waterfront Project is set to offer a range of services, including HUD certified counseling, legal assistance, and mental health support. These services aim to address the myriad challenges homeowners in foreclosure face, such as depression, anxiety, domestic violence, substance abuse, and the grief from the loss of a loved one.

The initiative will span a year, commencing on September 1, 2023, and concluding on August 31, 2024.

Board Chairman, Anthony Romano, along with the Hudson County Board of Commissioners, emphasized their dedication to ensuring residents of Hudson County have access to essential housing legal services.