Union City resident Armando Hernandez will be hosting an event to raise awareness.


  1. Very happy to learn that we have a Lupus Y Latinos Foundation in Hudson County, NJ to give information and support to lupus patients. The illness is almost unknown for most minorities.

  2. Armando, Thank you for starting this foundation for Latinos for Lupus
    since this is a cause that needs awareness and support
    here in New Jersey.
    Keep up the good work!!

  3. Armando, Thank you for starting this foundation on Lupus and helping bring awareness to so many families that don’t have a clue on it’s
    symptoms or care they will need.
    Keep up the good work!

  4. Thank you Armando for your bravery in the face of pain. I salute your efforts as you bring awareness about Lupus to your area. May the memory of your beautiful daughter live on forever!

  5. Armando:
    Thanks for starting a Lupus Foundation in Hudson County. It will help to understand and learn how to fight this devastating disease.
    Good luck.

  6. Dear Armando – Thank you for your efforts in promulgating awareness of this devastating disease by bringing LUPUS to the attention of the public at large – and the Hispanic Comunity in particular. By declaring May 10th as WORLD LUPUS DAY,the resulting awareness of the disease will, hopefully, be instrumental in preventing in others the suffering you and your family have undergone with the passing of your beloved daughter. May your dedication be rewarded by the knowledge that you have helped others combat LUPUS through awareness.

  7. Armando, I commend your valiant effort and steadfast dedication to this extremely important issue. You are bringing to the forefront a very underpublicized disease which affects and devastates millions; particularly we minorities. I admire your tireless resolution in raising awareness with regard to this killer known as Lupus. May God guide and be with you as you relentlessly continue this very noble undertaking.