Hudson County Democrats sweep the Freeholder primary elections. On Tuesday June 3rd Hudson County held the freeholder primary elections. HCTV attended the victory party of Caridad Rodriguez and Anthony Vainieri. Many people there were very happy with the election results, that were almost entirely a democratic win across the board.



  1. Nick Sacco didn’t mention that his poll workers go into the polls with the voters

  2. At least we finally get Caridad Rodriguez out of West New York. Let her sit as a freeholder where she can’t really do any damage. The question is who will replace her. LOL

  3. That’s the first time I’ve heard Caridad speak! & I M a regular @ WNY BCM/THM’s…

    • You will never hear her speak again, Albio just needed her out of WNY before November so he could distance himself from Roque. Watch the chips fall now, it’s going to be a lonely world for the Dr. real soon.

  4. Hmmm..”truth”…good observation…an astute conception not mentioned before….at least to my knowledge..

  5. Regarding your coverage of the freeholder primary victories of Anthony Vainieri and Caridad Rodriguez, you need to learn the proper way to key someone journalistically. These were primary victories, not general election wins, meaning neither person has been elected freeholder yet. While it is pretty certain each will become freeholders following November’s results, they should not be identified as having been elected at this time. Their keys should have said Democratic Freeholder Nominee.

  6. The real “truth” is that we have a united HCDO front and that includes Dr. Roque. Roque will easily win reelection in 2015.

  7. truth is that it is clear with the lack of coverage who this site truly supports…there has been no news of Romano winning and beating the machine nor has there been news of Caridads win…one video…it is very reasonable to believe if Munoz had won there would be several videos of interviews just like there were when the school board vote was passed…

  8. Glad to see Anthony talking about so many “issues” maybe he will get the help he needs and really address the real issue. Alcoholism is a serious issue.

  9. actually its not a lie they actually have pictures with 2 people going with the voters ouch !!!!!1 and it was done more than once that day

  10. Funny “Chuck” guys must be real scared of me. You’re missing the point it’s not alcohol remember it was the marijuana you guys use to talk about. Which by the way I’ll pass a drug test. When you people drink you’re not alcoholics?I would rather be addicted to a vice that just affects me negatively,rather than be addicted to power and misery and try and ruin many people’s lives.LIKE YOU. I challenge you to prove what you’re saying. I make a preemptive strike before you know what I’m going to do in West New York.I have never been arrested for DWI. I have never been arrested for a violent crime. I do not have a so-called “RECORD”.I’ve never been convicted of a crime. I paid a ticket in the state of New York for a marijuana cigarette(1.6 grams in one spliff.) 20 years ago. I challenge you to show a conviction of me. I am ready to play with you. My convictions ( on words)and resolve to help my town outweigh any game you think you can beat me at ,the lives of 60,000 people are at stake here.The corruption in my town has been rampant and runs so deep that only now I have realized, through let us say an acquaintance, how bad it really is. Is all about real estate, ( people.wake up) and for the person writing this …it is about power and a chance to get involved and get money.Make no mistake about it .. I will not allow anything: any rumor, innuendo, accusations and just outright god damn lies hinder my opportunity to give the town back to the people. I owe my life to this town. I will admit to anyone ,any wrong I’ve done and I will defend myself when you accuse me of things I haven’t.I am NOT my father, I don’t have a law degree I don’t even have a college degree but I did learn so much from him and the people around him that I have something to offer the people of W.N.Y. much more than the present mayor or the past ones.You attack me because you cannot corrupt me at the expense of this town and the people who live here. In that aspect I am exactly like my father I have his DNA if I was elected I am incorruptible .This is not a promise…it is in my blood and a fact.Truth is , I might not be the most likeable person in the world and that is what people vote for you’re like- ability let’s say.But from what I’ve seen for candidates and more than likely a repeat of this administration I have so much more to offer.

    so it has begun, the attacks come.and by the way have a section on here that says when you make personal attacks and off point comments would be deleted. Leave this one up it won’t stop. When I talk about how I want to change the town, tax abatements fixing the Rec Center actually building one because we don’t have one,adding more Police to the force we had in 1994, building a trade school for people who can’t go to college to learn a job that would bring the money so they can afford to live here.( With all the construction going on that’s a no brainer.) No everybody wants to build more appointments.& what happens to me when I express what I believe should be done here? I’m called an alcoholic… or reference to marijuana is made.I am a normal human being like the majority of people in this county I am NOT elite. I come from a family of civil servants, and when I am attacked like this it makes me realize I’m doing the right thing.Again two words for the people waste their time on slandering me …God Bless.