Hudson County Democrats unite to support Mayor Felix Roque

Hudson County Democrats unite at Son Cubano to support Mayor Felix Roque. In addition, prominent Democrats discussed the current state of the party in Hudson County


  1. OMG! Do these fools see and hear themselves? How can they spout forth such BS with straight faces? Personally, I can’t stand to look at any of them.

    I guess Roque is a slow learner. The people of WNY have been telling him for years how wrong he is about everything, but his only response has been that idiotic smirk he always wears on his face when people address him.

    Then Scarinci comes along and gets paid $450K a year, at our expense, to tell Roque the same things the people have been saying all along. What’s wrong with this picture?

    I think that speaks volumes about what Roque really thinks about the people of this town. To paraphrase his new best friend, the turncoat Frank Ferriero, Roque is a POS — a piece of slime.

    I hope they fumigated Son Cubano after that roach fest the other night.

    • John Hughes, I hear ya! Then again, Joseph Mengele also had a medical degree, so in some cases, it just doesn’t mean much. 😉

      Anthony Defino, I noticed that comment, too. I’m not a fan of Sires, since he’s the one who foisted Roque on us in the first place, but that was very interesting. Could it be that he has seen the light and is unconvinced by the Scarinci white-wash? Stay tuned…. Roque may come to regret naming that school after Sires. LOL.

  2. He’s one of my clients- and I’m selling units in that complex by Son Cubano- if anyone is interested- hehe…

  3. Hmmm…….”probably will support him if he decides to run” ..”depends on the tickets he puts together”…I know the plural of ticket is just his poor English but we get the point.Very very interesting Congressman.ROQUE, look behind you!

  4. what joke few years ago these guys couldnt stand this guy. VEga Hated him, he Hated Vega, Menendez didnt support him in 2011, Roque didnt care about menendez and Sires that is the only one that has been supporting him, is now giving him an option, he would support roque, “depending on the ticket he is putting together”. Roque doesnt deserve the support of the democrats and more than that he doesnt deserve to be our mayor.

  5. What a pxxxx. He was a rebel a ray of hope for Hudson. They turned him out. No hope the corruption will never stop.