Hudson County Secures Funding for Enhanced Bike Lanes on Duncan Avenue

Hudson County Vision Zero

Duncan Avenue Bike Lane Improvements

The Hudson County Board of Commissioners has given the green light for Hudson County to request $1,005,510 from the New Jersey Department of Transportation’s Bikeway grant program. This funding aims to enhance Duncan Avenue, stretching from Route 1&9 Truck to the Hackensack River in Jersey City. The initiative seeks to bolster cycling as an alternative transportation method in the county.

The proposed enhancements will prioritize the safety of cyclists traversing Route 1&9 Truck and the Hackensack River. The project’s main objective is to replace the current unprotected bike lanes and sharrows with shielded bike lanes featuring a green surface treatment. This will be implemented wherever possible in the targeted corridor area. The goal is to enhance the existing narrow bike lanes and sharrow markings to either a shielded or buffered bike lane, ensuring minimal disruption to the current traffic lanes.

Board Chairman Anthony Romano, Commissioner Bill Odea, and the entire Board of Commissioners are steadfast in their mission to make Jersey City a secure environment for cyclists, pedestrians, and drivers alike. These improvements will pave the way for a safer bike route, facilitating easier access to nearby public amenities.