Hudson County Secures Significant Grant to Combat Alcoholism and Drug Abuse

Hudson County Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Grant
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Hudson County Receives $270,478 Grant to Combat Alcoholism and Drug Abuse

Jersey City, Hudson County – In a significant move to address the pressing issues of alcoholism and drug abuse in Hudson County, the Hudson County Board of Commissioners has approved the acceptance of a $270,478 grant. This substantial amount comes from the Municipal Alliance Allocation Grant for the fiscal year 2024, generously provided by the Governor’s Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse.

The funds from this grant will be channeled into the Drug Enforcement, Drug Education Demand Reduction Fund. This initiative aims to empower Hudson County municipalities in their ongoing efforts to tackle the challenges posed by alcoholism and drug abuse within their jurisdictions.

However, there’s a catch for the communities. To be eligible for these funds, each community must commit to a 100% match. This entails a 25% cash match and a 75% in-kind match. This requirement ensures that the communities are equally invested in the cause and are dedicated to making a tangible difference.

The grant’s duration is set for a year, commencing on July 1, 2023, and concluding on June 30, 2024.

Following state approval, the County has proposed the following allocation of the grant money for the fiscal year 2023:

  • Bayonne: $19,921
  • Jersey City: $78,260
  • Harrison and East Newark: $5,065
  • Hoboken: $15,805
  • Union City: $21,005
  • Secaucus: $5,141
  • Weehawken: $3,968
  • West New York: $15,712
  • North Bergen: $19,209
  • Kearny: $12,859
  • Guttenberg: $3,533
  • County Administration: $70,000

Board Chairman Anthony Romano, along with the entire Board of Commissioners, expressed their unwavering commitment to this cause. They emphasized the importance of equipping Hudson County with the necessary resources to educate its residents and prevent the detrimental effects of alcoholism and drug abuse.

This grant and the subsequent allocation of funds underscore Hudson County’s dedication to creating a safer, healthier environment for all its residents. The collaborative effort between the state and the county is a testament to the shared vision of a drug-free Hudson County.


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