By Eric Dixon

Usually, when it comes to behavior for Hudson County politicians, the bar for expectations is set pretty low. Like some guy getting drunk in Washington DC, and urinating over the side of a hotel balcony onto some guests below. Or some other guy getting drunk, and somehow losing his clothes, and passing out on his own front steps.

Now, here’s the latest Hudson County candidate to get arrested.

A former Guttenberg resident and perennial fringe 9/11 conspiracy theory candidate was arrested Sunday in New York City for allegedly assaulting and harassing a woman on a Manhattan subway train.

Jeff Boss, a 54-year-old man and former Guttenberg resident, was arrested after allegedly trying to take photos with his cell phone of a woman aboard a midtown subway train.

Boss has gained notoriety for plastering bus stops and utility poles with his ranting writings about government conspiracy theories.

Astute voters might also remember seeing Boss’ name in the far right fringes of some recent election ballots. Incredibly, Boss actually has found a little success, managing to beat out at least one other fringe candidate in those recent elections.

Boss ran in 2016 for Congress against incumbent William Pascrell in the 9th District which includes most of eastern Bergen County but also Secaucus and parts of Kearny in Hudson County. Boss, listing a Ridgefield Park post office box as his address, got less than 1% of the vote as the “NSA Did 911” candidate but ran ahead of the Libertarian Party candidate in the Hudson County section of the district.

Before that, Boss actually ran statewide campaigns against Cory Booker for U.S. Senate in 2014, Chris Christie for Governor in 2013 and former President Barack Obama in 2012, each time listing an address in Guttenberg’s ritzy Galaxy apartment complex on campaign filings.

For what it’s worth, Boss is trending up recently. He got over 4,500 votes statewide against Booker (a fraction of one percent) but actually running ahead of two other independent candidates, but that was better than his 2,062 votes statewide against Christie in 2013 and his 1,007 votes statewide for President against Barack Obama in the 2012 general election.

However, Boss has a long way to go to get back to his 2009 success (relatively speaking) when he got over 16,000 votes (3rd place with more than 8%) in the 2009 Democratic primary for Governor as the “No Tolls, Lower Taxes, Free College” candidate.
That year, Boss listed an address in the ritzy Galaxy apartment complex in Guttenberg.