Kate Brennan | Hudson County Prosecutor Esther Suarez | Albert Alvarez
Kate Brennan | Hudson County Prosecutor Esther Suarez | Albert Alvarez

Hudson County Prosecutor sent the following statement on reference to allegations of rape by former Governor Murphy Administration Official.

I stand behind the investigation conducted by the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office in reaching a decision not to charge the suspect Alberto Alvarez. I stand by the work performed by the members of the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office and I am extremely proud of their professionalism. During my three years as Hudson County Prosecutor I have been nothing but impressed with the dedication of the professionals in our Office and their concern for justice. This investigation has only strengthened that belief. The four (4) Investigators and two (2) Supervising Assistant Prosecutors involved in this investigation share a combined total of nearly 85 years of experience. Upon review, it is abundantly clear that everyone involved with this case handled the investigation properly and behaved like the seasoned professionals that they are.

I was not made aware of the parties involved or their workplace while this matter was under investigation, between April, 2017 and November, 2017. Considering the incredibly high case volume in Hudson County, this was standard procedure for the office. It was only after being contacted by a reporter with the WSJ the following year, October 2, 2018, that I became aware of this investigation and the parties involved. It was on this date when I first had a discussion with the Attorney General’s office about this matter. It was also during that same conversation that I advised the Attorney General’s Office of my familiarity with both individuals.

To reiterate the information that came out of the Office of the Attorney General earlier this week, a review of this case file was conducted following a media inquiry to my office earlier this month. I decided, out of an abundance of caution, to request that Division of Criminal Justice supersede the case because of my familiarity with both parties in this matter. DCJ agreed to the request and the matter was referred to the Middlesex County Prosecutor’s Office for a second review.

I am confident that at all times this matter was handled professionally and I welcome any review of the way this case has been handled by my office. The implication that I would have interfered in any case to bring forth an improper result is both offensive and irresponsible. If I am called to speak with the special bipartisan committee I will gladly answer whatever questions they may have on this matter. I anxiously await the opportunity to defend this Office and stop the misinformation. In fairness to the Middlesex County Prosecutor’s Office, it would be premature to for me or my Office to make any statement about this case until the MCPO has had the opportunity to independently review this case. I will refrain from any further comment until such time that the MCPO has fully completed its review of this matter.

Former Murphy Administration Official Accused in Separate Rape Allegations