Just days after Hudson County’s Endorsement of Hillary Clinton, many young people of Hudson County began organizing and volunteering for Bernie Sanders.

The Bernie enthusiasts were outraged that their county officials could make an endorsement two months prior to New Jersey’s closed primary.

They seemed particularly concerned that the endorsement did not reflect their voice. In the recent endorsement event, the Hudson County Democratic Organization stated that Hudson County was a progressive county and that was the alleged reason for the endorsement of Clinton.

Some Mayors of Hudson County on the other hand, implied that the decision to endorse Clinton was made by the Democratic Party, which strongly feels that Clinton will win the New Jersey Primary.

They said that the decision to support Clinton into the convention would be determined by the primary and that both Clinton and Sanders are progressive candidates, but that Clinton seemed like the more realistic choice.

Some Hudson County residents, however, did not agree that Hillary was the progressive choice.

While there are Clinton supporters in Hudson County, they seem to identify Clinton more with her husband’s presidency rather than her own accomplishments. Others remain undecided and unsure about the candidates. One Trump supporter agreed that the country was in need of change.

Bernie supporters in Hudson County have been working relentlessly to make their voices heard. The Bernie Enthusiasts have been attending rallies, marching, canvassing, phone banking, volunteering and uniting with their peers.

They are convinced that Hudson County is not the only county in America that is endorsing a candidate based on political agenda.