Hudson County Secures Grant to Boost Children’s Welfare Initiatives

Hudson County Children's Support Grant
Hudson County Children's Support Grant image courtesy of creative commons

Hudson County Board of Commissioners Approves Grant for Human Services Advisory Council

Jersey City, NJ – The Hudson County Board of Commissioners has approved the County of Hudson to renew and accept funds totaling $69,419. This grant is provided by the New Jersey Department of Children and Families for the Human Services Advisory Council.

The funds from the grant are designated to support specific programs in Hudson County. These programs include the Missing Children’s Allocation, Youth Incentive Program, and the Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Program.

Board Chairman Anthony Romano, along with the Board of Commissioners and the County of Hudson, have expressed their commitment to using these funds effectively. Their aim is to provide the necessary support services, referral services, and social services to protect and assist the at-risk children of Hudson County.