Hudson County Sheriff releases name of suspect involved in North Bergen Vehicular Assault




(Jersey City, NJ) – The Hudson County Sheriff’s Office has identified Rogelio Chavix-Tacen (image attached) as the driver of the 2010 red Nissan Rogue that struck brothers Michael and Adrian Viruet on Kennedy Boulevard in North Bergen on Friday 11/14/2014. Both remain in Critical condition. As a result, Michael’s right leg was amputated and Adrian suffered severe head trauma and was left impaled on an iron fence the night of the crash.

After an intense investigation, it was learned that Chavix-Tacen purchased plane tickets to Guatemala but never boarded the flight.  The Hudson County Sheriff’s Office, The United States Marshals Service, The North Bergen Police Major Case Squad and the Hudson County Prosecutors Municipal Task Force have been tracking every lead and an intense manhunt is underway, 24/7, since the suspect was identified early Thursday morning. Charges for Aggravated Vehicular Assault & Leaving the Scene of an Accident with Critical Injury have been filed.

Rogelio Chavix-Tacen is believed to be traveling by car or public transportation. The Hudson County Sheriff’s Office is asking the public to keep a look out for Chavix-Tacen. Please call the Hudson County Sheriff’s Office at 201-915-1300 or the North Bergen Police Department at 201-392-2100 if anyone has information regarding his location.


  1. he’s probably already in his mud hut in Guatemala ,was he an illegal ? I hope the truck had insurance on it so those 2 boy’s can be paid for the suffering they have and will continue to endure, smdh and the actual owner should be held responsible as well if he in fact doesn’t own the vehicle.

  2. The guy is not out of the country as of yet – we know that. He can’t get on a plane bc he’s wanted – so let’s pray they pick him up soon

  3. So do you think he should be on the “no fly list”???? He has shown already intent to leave the country. What are the extradition laws with Guatemala ???

  4. you don’t need to FLY to get to Guatemala people!!….he’s more than likely already there…..Grill the family, or whoever he was staying with here until they give him up, somebody has to know something….sleazy bastard.

  5. Everybody makes mistakes- but this bastard was trying to leave the country after destroying a family that will never be the same- he probably was illegal ( Hear that Obsma ) – his sentence — send him to Africa and let him work with those poor Ebola patients

  6. I don’t think whether he is legal or illegal makes a difference. There are a lot of White/Caucasian people who also do hit and runs. He just needs to be sentenced for life or be deported for 1. Being a bastard 2. Not following the law. I hope he gets what he deserves. It’s people with no morals that are the scum of the earth. Not immigrants and you guys who bash on immigrants are just as bad.

  7. When it happened and they were asking for info, the family he was with could have spoken up.. So I say rip apart whole family, charge those those with crimes or something to hide.. Make it very hard to hide, and at the end either he will show up or he would be given up to stop the madness..