Ayako Okabe(Hudson County, NJ) – After notifying the Japanese Consulates Office, Hudson County Sheriff Frank X. Schillari released the identity of the victim in last evening’s hit & run accident that resulted in a fatality.

“Ayako Okabe, age 30 of Magnolia Avenue in Jersey City, was struck while riding her bicycle home Thursday evening,” said Sheriff Schillari. “We know that she left her work at 6:15 pm and was struck between 6:37 and 6:46 pm, 1000 feet north of Duncan Avenue on Routes 1&9. We have video footage of the victim riding past a nearby near gas station at 6:37 pm. At this time, we are investigating every lead but we are asking the public’s help.”

The Sheriff’s Office is asking anyone with information to the accident please contact the Hudson County Sheriff’s Office at 201-915-1300. All calls regarding this matter will remain anonymous.