Hudson County to Benefit from Proposed NYC Subway Extension

Hudson County to Benefit from Proposed NYC Subway Extension

HudsonTV News, Hudson County, NJ – In a significant move that promises to reshape the commuting landscape of Hudson County, Rep. Rob Menendez and Rep. Bill Pascrell Jr. have joined forces to advocate for the extension of New York City’s Subway 7 line across the Hudson River.

Taking to Twitter, Rep. Menendez expressed his pride in collaborating with Rep. Pascrell and emphasized the need for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) and New York Governor’s office to work closely with New Jersey’s government. The proposed extension aims to provide an efficient trans-Hudson commuting alternative, which would play a pivotal role in reducing vehicular traffic in the region.

The letter, dated September 28, 2023, addressed to Chair Jano Lieber of the MTA, highlights the concerns of New Jersey residents regarding the Central Business District (CBD) Tolling Program. The program, despite facing significant opposition, is perceived to disproportionately impact New Jersey commuters. The MTA’s reluctance to engage in constructive dialogue with New Jersey stakeholders has been a point of contention.

The representatives underscored the potential financial burden the program could impose on New Jersey residents commuting to Manhattan, with estimates suggesting an additional tax of $5,000 per year for the average commuter. This revenue, they argue, would be collected without any corresponding investment in pollution mitigation or improved public transit services for New Jersey.

Furthermore, the program threatens to drain millions from the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey (PANYNJ), jeopardizing critical assets such as the Port Authority Trans Hudson (PATH) service and the proposed redevelopment of the PANYNJ Midtown Bus Terminal.

However, there’s a silver lining. A 2013 study by New York City evaluated the feasibility of extending the 7 Train via a two-track tunnel under the Hudson River. The study found that such an extension to the Frank R. Lautenberg Station in Secaucus would significantly improve trans-Hudson access and could accommodate an estimated 128,000 commuters daily. Additionally, the extension would be compatible with the Gateway Project, a major infrastructure initiative.

In their letter, Rep. Menendez and Rep. Pascrell strongly urged the MTA and New York City to consider the 7 Train extension as a viable solution to alleviate congestion and provide an affordable and environmentally friendly commuting option for New Jersey residents.

The representatives concluded their letter with a call for productive dialogue, emphasizing the importance of collaborative efforts to benefit both New Jersey residents and the broader goal of reducing vehicular traffic.

For Hudson County, the potential extension of the 7 Train promises not only improved connectivity but also a brighter, more sustainable future for its residents.

Source: Rep. Rob Menendez’s Official Twitter Account