Hudson County Towns are “painting the town pink”

This morning, on October 2nd, citizens of West New York got together to tie pink ribbons in the area around town hall to raise awareness about breast cancer. This idea, which came from the area’s Susan G. Komen representative, is to remind women that breast cancer is a serious disease and women need to be on top of their breast heath. HCTV also learned about the Cancer Early Detection and Education program (CEED), as well as funding from the Susan G. Komen, which makes it possible for women in the area to obtain preventative and treatment services regardless of their financial status.


  1. Thanks Felix for allowing awareness next time try pink hot pink is not the color of awareness and it is embarrassing driving along Dr’s Row… with hot pink ribbons change it please to pink like your tie……pale pink pretty pink that is the true color of Cancer awareness

  2. Marie Clavero, it doesnt matter the hot or light color in pink…it is pink…at least is a great thing they are doing! Definitely one actions can’t keep people happy