Weather Alert & Parking Rate Changes for Hudson County Residents

Hudson County Weather Alert
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Weather Advisory for Hudson County

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The National Weather Service has issued a hazardous weather outlook for Hudson County, including Hoboken. Persistent rainfall is anticipated to last until tomorrow. The upcoming high tide is scheduled for around 4:25 p.m.

Parking Rate Update

Please note that the special discounted parking rate in select municipal garages for residents holding a valid Resident On-Street Parking Permit or Temporary Parking Permit will conclude tomorrow at 8 a.m. Standard parking rates will apply post this time.

Flood Alert

The Office of Emergency Management advises residents to steer clear of areas susceptible to flooding. Heavy rainfall exceeding 0.8 inch per hour may lead to waterlogging in certain regions. Barricades have been set up at vulnerable intersections. Residents are urged not to bypass or relocate these barricades and to refrain from navigating through waterlogged zones.

For reporting waterlogged intersections or blocked drain inlets, please contact the NHSA Hotline at (866) 689-3970.

Stay Updated

For the latest weather updates, residents can monitor local forecasts and follow official city channels. It’s also recommended to stay updated through the Nixle System by checking The Atlantic hurricane season is ongoing and will last until November 30. For comprehensive emergency preparedness information, visit the Hoboken Ready¬†website.