Hudson TV attended an event at Transmission restaurant and bar in Jersey City that was held by Hudson County Young Democrats and LGBT in order to raise funds for the victims of of the Orlando Shooting.

Many leaders of both organizations plus local politicians from both Hoboken and Jersey City attended in order to create awareness for the issues that the LGBT community still faces.

From bigotry to lack of healthcare, the partnership between both groups is a good fit as they fight to elect the right officials to create justice and fairness in all areas that they claim are still lacking for the gay community.

Hudson TV interviewed Hudson County Young Democrats founder and President, Brian Platt and Michael Billy a well known TV Producer from the LGBT Community, who recognized the natural alignment with LGBT as Jersey City has the largest gay presence and community in the state. Hudson TV also interviewed Citi Medina from the LGBT Chamber of Commerce who discussed the needs of minorities in the community reflecting on how every one of the victims at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando were in fact of Latin descent, yet that was never recognized by the media or the country.