Hudson County Prosecutor Esther Suarez announced on Thursday, December 15, 2016 that the enforcement of vehicular speed limits will continue to be the focus of Operation ‘Slow Down, Save Lives’ but that pedestrian traffic laws, such as jaywalking, will also be more strictly enforced along the roadways in Hudson County.

Local municipal police departments in conjunction with the Hudson County Sheriff’s Office and the Prosecutor’s Office have increased enforcement of all traffic safety laws since April when the ‘Slow Down, Save Lives’ initiative began. Since April, more than 13,000 tickets have been issued by various police departments along John F. Kennedy Boulevard.

Local municipal police departments from North Bergen, West New York, Union City, Jersey City and Bayonne will continue working with the Hudson County Sheriff’s Office and the Prosecutor’s Office to enforce laws and monitor progress into the foreseeable future.

“The message we want everyone to be aware of during the holidays is that if you break the law, expect a ticket,” said Suarez. “Our county continues to suffer from the loss of lives on our roadways and there has been little improvement by both drivers and pedestrians in obeying traffic safety laws. Pedestrians need to exercise better judgment before stepping off the sidewalk and drivers need to slow down and drive safely. Getting a ticket during the holidays may hurt financially, but it will hurt more for someone to spend the holiday in the hospital or far worse.”

Suarez’ comments came Thursday after the third “Slow Down, Save Lives” meeting with law enforcement agencies from throughout the county. Police departments will continue to be focusing on infractions along John F. Kennedy Boulevard from Bayonne to North Bergen, but violators can expect to be ticketed wherever an offense occurs. “Our traffic laws are designed to keep people safe and breaking the law will not be tolerated,” said Suarez.

In April 2016, in an effort to decrease fatalities, Prosecutor Suarez initiated Operation ‘Slow Down, Save Lives.’ During the spring and summer months, the main objective was to increase enforcement of roadway and pedestrian safety laws. Throughout the last eight months, various law enforcement agencies in the county have been working in conjunction with the Prosecutor’s Office to monitor the enforcement initiative and to plan a more comprehensive educational component.

Jaywalking in Hudson County? nah it doesn't happen or does it?


  1. Because its easier to catch you walking……all day and all night people are speeding up and down Kennedy Blvd to where people get hit by a car and DIE.. But enforce the speed limit, nah that is work….
    Nobody has been killed getting hit by a Jaywalker yet !!!

  2. You know what else needs to be enforced ? Dog owners who let their dogs crap all over the sidewalks and not bother cleaning up after them!!