Hudson Speaker War Threatens Murphy Runaway Win

Next Tuesday is the primary election for Governor.

There is a lot of political activity.
It’s just that none of it (well, almost none of it) involves actual candidates. There are exceptions: The contested 31st Legislative District Democratic primary, for one. That is about it.
This is not good news for Phil Murphy, the former Goldman Sachs banker who is considered the heavy favorite to win the primary.
Murphy is so confident, he is agreeing to limit his general election spending (and apply for public matching funds) against whichever warm body the Republicans nominate.
In that backdrop, it must be dismaying for Murphy to see that many elected leaders and political operatives in Hudson County are more preoccupied with the fight over whether Vincent Prieto gets to stay as Assembly Speaker.
Murphy needs all hands on deck, not just to win the election, but to turn the State of New Jersey around after years of neglect with infrastructure.
However, with the distractions of party infighting right before the primary, the message to Murphy must be that the local politicians are running Mickey Mouse operations and trying to settle puny little scores.
Do you really think the next Governor is going to pay more attention to Hudson County, when our leaders are acting like this?