Hudson TV Interviews Chronic Pain Specialist on Opioid Epidemic


Hudson TV sat down with Chronic Pain Specialist and Anesthesiologist Akshay Menon to get a doctor’s perspective on how prescription medication has affected the vastly growing disease of addiction in this country. Since 2016, 70 more people are dying everyday from opioids, that’s a person every 10 minutes.

Much of the logic behind the growing epidemic is the part prescription medication has played in the past decade, with people being overprescribed addictive medicine like OxyContin, without properly informing the patient as to the dangers and power of this medicine. While undoubtedly, it can help with chronic pain, it can just as likely take an ordinary citizen into the throes of irreversible addiction within 6 weeks. It can, from there, take the normal Joe into the hells of shooting heroin for cheaper and faster fix within 6-12 months.

Dr. Menon shares his unique perspective in our interview, as he hopes to be an advocate for the future of chronic pain treatments by using alternatives first, such as physical therapy, deep breathing exercises, and counseling as a first resort, over prescribing quick fixes with pills.

Dr. Menon goes on to share the importance of understanding each individual’s needs and ailments on a very sincere and genuine level, as it’s important to not assume people are not truly suffering and to protect patients from stigmatization.

Chronic Pain Doctors are truly on front lines of this crisis, and we applaud their efforts on treating each patient correctly in order to reverse what is now considered a deadly disease that is killing more individuals than breast cancer and car accidents.

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