Hudson Vibe Dance & Fitness is making an impact in Hoboken. With an emphasis of celebrating life, Hudson Vibe Dance & Fitness is getting residents into shape while emphasizing a positive message at the same time.


    • It’s a worthwhile segment to show the community. Did you major In journalism or communications? If you did, you would know reporting on something like this is informative. You probably didn’t, so your comment just magnifies your ignorance.

  1. Personally I don’t see nothing wrong with it. As a matter of fact, I think is great to get to know different aspects from the community, besides not everyone is into politics.

  2. I teach BodyCombat and a cardio martial arts class, however, I love taking zumba, I think it’s so fun! If I could teach any other class, I think it would probably be a body-pump type class, or Jazzercise! I love jazzercise…

  3. It is a worthwhile event to show to the community, but they mention it was a charitable event. What was this charitable event for? The reporter does not even cover that.