Hundreds helped by North Bergen Food Drive

Earlier today, there was a huge turn out of people lined up outside the recreation center in North Bergen to receive turkeys and the various other trimmings to make the perfect Thanksgiving meal. Mayor Sacco and the township’s Emergency Relief department distributed the food items, which were donated as part of North Bergen’s Thanksgiving Drive. Over 200 families pre-registered for the event, and anyone with proof of North Bergen residency was able to attend.


  1. This never happened last year or the year before. The Mayor had something down on Kennedy Blvd. This was only done due to the fact that election time is right around the corner, sorry but this is the truth let’s STOP THIS.

  2. Only if the public knew how mayor Sacco shakes down the vendors to get free donated food and monies it’s disgusting how he runs the town he’s uses his scare tactics at target and shop right, he has people who run the emergency relief fund who got evicted out of their house how do you put someone in charge of that money when they don’t pay their own bills?

  3. @ Howie, do you know how much it took me just to even stand on a line for a Turkey then to see what they gave for a family & A DEDICATED FAMILY to NB for the trimmings IT WAS EMBARRASSING.

  4. And I am & was always raised to be appreciative for everything but this was REDICULOUS. FOLLOW THE LEADER BUDDY