“Imagine a Day Without Water” Campaign looks to Raise Awareness on Water Usage and Conservation; Several Events taking place throughout Jersey City this Thursday

National Campaign Ties in With Fulop Administration’s Proactive Approach on Storm Water Management and Water Conservation Initiatives

JERSEY CITY — Can you “Imagine a Day Without Water”?  No water to drink or use.  The City of Jersey City is joining a national campaign to raise awareness and educate Americans about water usage and conservation with a series of events this Thursday.

The third annual national “Imagine a Day Without Water” is being observed throughout Jersey City on October 12th, 2017.  Residents are invited to participate in events taking place citywide throughout the day.  The purpose of the day is to appreciate the value of water and bring current conservation initiatives to light ensuring the resiliency and sustainability of our water, sewer, and storm water infrastructure.

“The importance of water conservation is something we have worked hard to highlight and we are hopeful that ‘A Day Without Water’ really brings that to the forefront of everyone’s mind,” said Mayor Fulop.  “Climate change has real and significant impacts for urban areas and we are looking at innovate ways to address these important issues and education and awareness is the first step.”

In April, the Fulop administration announced that 2017 is the “Year of Water” for Jersey City. Since then, various events and initiatives have been put in place to increase awareness around storm water management and water conservation in Jersey City. Similar to the Day Without Water campaign, the first phase of the “Year of Water” has focused on education, awareness, and community involvement. The Fulop administration is also taking proactive steps to ensure the city’s water infrastructure is prepared to meet residents’ needs for decades to come.

“Imagine a Day Without Water” events include:

  • Imagine A Day Without Coffee Kick-Off At Choc-O-Pain French Bakery & Cafe
  • Green Infrastructure Tour of Jersey City and Hoboken City Halls and Hoboken Southwest Park
  • Boonton Reservoir Tour
  • Waterfront Cleanup
  • Catch Basin Cleanout Demonstration
  • Imagine a Day Without Beer closeout event at Departed Soles Brewing Company
  • Movie Screening of “A Place Ocean”


Prior registration is required and space is limited. For full event details and to register, please visit: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfyBG5mCPYjKszslfkGHM8kOxYRr_lsh2Et0frzLC3RbPTHwQ/viewform.

Year of Water efforts supported by the administration include the Adopt-A-Catch Basin program, designed to increase community involvement through pledging to keep catch basins free and clear of garbage at the street level. Catch basins are storm sewer inlets designed to collect water during storm events, and are the first step in storm water drainage systems. When storms occur, water and other items on the street (i.e. pet waste, oil, litter, leaves, etc.) enter the storm sewer through the catch basins. This debris is carried into the storm sewer system and discharged directly into our streams and rivers – clogging drains and flooding local streets which can have impact during major storms.

Residents can adopt a catch basin at no cost and pledge to keep it free of litter and debris.  In turn, the city will provide a broom and dustpan, as well as sponsor a mural at the site to better visually identify the catch basin and remind residents of the challenges associated with city sewers.  So far, nearly 70 catch basins have been adopted. To sign up to adopt a catch basin, visit water.innovatejerseycity.org, and fill out the form.

The administration is creating the Office of Sustainability to continue the work of the Office of Innovation in addressing a range of citywide sustainable practices and initiatives including collaborating with our local partners to establish green infrastructure standards for the city, identify priority areas for big green infrastructure projects, and tighten storm water runoff limits across the city for new developments.