Immigrant-rights group asks Hudson County Executive Tom DeGise to end 287g agreement

They are a coalition of local residents committed to making Hudson County a fair and welcoming county.

In that vein, Hudson for All finds it incredibly distressing that Hudson County partners with Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) at our county jail. In fact, the county has signed a 287(g) contract with ICE.

They say this means that corrections officers are deputized to act as ICE officers at the Hudson County Correctional Facility (HCCF).

Such offenses as unpaid tickets or missing a municipal court appearance could lead to months of detention and eventual deportation.

So they appealed to County Executive Tom DeGise with a letter signed by 122 of them, calling for an end to the 287(g) agreement.

According to HFA, DeGise has not responded to the letter, nor to subsequent calls requesting a meeting.

The group says this is not the Hudson County they know and love.

“The Hudson County we stand for is the Hudson County that we can be. Welcoming of all immigrants who have made Hudson County their home. Respectful of the civil and human rights of immigrants working and residing here. Supportive of their dreams and aspirations.”

Immigrants in Hudson County should be confident in the knowledge that they are respected and valued members of their community, the group says.

And they encourage everyone to join HFA tonight as they ask the Freeholders and DeGise to end 287(g) and make Hudson County a fair and welcoming county.

The full letter to DeGise:
Oct. 10th Event:
William Musto Cultural Center l 420 15th St., Union City