In a letter sent, Dr Felix Roque seeks Re-Election for Mayor

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Dear Supporter,

It´s official. I am seeking reelection this May 12th!

I first got involved in politics because I cared about making my community a better place. In short, I cared about the people of West New York.  Today, I see before me a town on the rise, one that is already a fantastic place to live, work, and raise a family. 

As I reflect on my work in our town’s government, I’m proud of all that we have achieved from the work of my administration of keeping taxes stable, continued commitment of crime rate reduction initiatives, improving the schools, expanding recreation programs, having a steady stream of capital improvements and securing new revenues that enhance the quality of life of all West New Yorkers.

I am optimistic about 2015 because I know that you are as committed as I am to protecting and growing this place we are so proud to call home.  I have been honored to count on your support for the past three years and am excited to see where the next four take us.

With your continued support I know we will continue moving the Town of West New York forward. I look forward to seeing on at Las Palmas Restaurant Thursday, February 12th!

Best Regards.

Felix E. Roque, MD

Mayor of West New York