Internet Explorer 9

Internet Explorer 9 browser called IE9, which browser senior vice president of Microsoft’s Windows division Steven Sinofsky (Steven Sinofsky) in Los Angeles, to be held in November 18, 2009 “Professional Development announces R & D Conference “(PDC) on March 21, 2011, Microsoft released the final version of IE9 in China, but this version does not support Windows XP operating system.

Microsoft March 16, 2010 began offering Internet Explorer 9.0 browser, the first developer preview version of the download. IE9 Platform Preview does not include Internet Explorer 9.0 user interface provides only the basic elements of the browser, especially Microsoft’s latest codenamed Chakra JavaScript engine, as well as a listed home test site.

This version IE9 does not contain the “back” button, etc., do not have any security features, with only basic IE9 rendering engine, and an early developer tools. Microsoft Chief Operating Officer Kevin Turner expressed analyst meeting held recently in Washington, in September 2010, Microsoft launched Internet Explorer 9.0 browser Beta test version.

Kevin Turner at the analyst meeting, said the new IE9 browser will support more HTML standard and safety functions.

Microsoft recently released a new browser IE9 developer preview version, this version has been able to support HTML5 multimedia features, including audio, video, 2D graphics capabilities will also support Web Open Font Format standard embedded fonts.

According to Microsoft, IE9 browser will use Google’s open source WebM video encoder, and supports H.264 video coding standard. And IE9 browser will also support the new Chakra scripting engine, the speed of the hardware upgrade will have a significant effect.