Intoxicated male assaults mother then locks himself inside his Hoboken apartment with a 12-inch knife in one hand beer in the other, officials said

HOBOKEN – A 56-year-old Hoboken male is facing simple assault and weapon charges after assaulting his mother then locking himself in his apartment with a 12-inch knife in one hand and a beer in the other, officials said.
On March 3rd at around 9:40 p.m. Officers Nathaniel Arocho, Roberto Cuevas, Michael Aviles and Jason Falco along with Sergeants Ranaldo Gonzalez and William Vera responded to an apartment in Hoboken on report of a male assaulting his mother, according to police reports.
When officials arrived, the door to the apartment was locked and they attempted to engage the male in conversation to confirm what had happened with his mother. At this point, the mother was no longer inside the apartment. With the help of the buildings superintendent, they were able to unlock to the door to the apartment.
They saw a male inside the living room holding a 12-inch knife in one hand and a beer in the other, according to police reports. It appeared to the officers that the male was intoxicated.
Sergeant Gonzales began to engage the male in conversation in attempt to peacefully secure the weapon and de-escalate the situation. After several minutes of speaking with the male it was determined that Sergeant Gonzales needed further assistance and requested Emergency Services to respond to the scene, according to police reports.
While waiting for Emergency Services, Sergeant Vera and Sergeant Gonzalez continued to converse with the male. The male advised them that if they were able to bring him a beer and cigarettes, he would drop the weapon.
As they attempted to negotiate the exchange Emergency Services arrived and they were able to successful retrieve the knife. Officials then secured the male and placed him in handcuffs. He was transported to Hoboken University Medical center for evaluation while guarded by an officer.
The man is now facing simple assault, possession of a weapon for unlawful purposes and unlawful possession of a weapon charges, according police reports.
Due to the sensitivity of this case, the suspect information remains confidential.