iPhone sales by nearly eight percent of operators

This is not good news for Apple. Jane Grace Dawson Jackdaw Research Analyst (Jan Dawson), said: “with respect to third-party retailers, direct sales give Apple more profitable, because Apple needs to third-party retailers a certain percentage of commission.”

At the same time, if the user through Apple’s retail shopping, then Apple can better control the shopping experience. Dawson noted that, if the third party stores similar to the iPhone, but lower-priced smartphone, it may be the risk that the user is supposed to buy iPhone, but ultimately chose another phone.

Analysts believe that Apple’s profits will not be much affected. By 2015, Apple’s global iPhone sales more than 50% in 2013. Apple’s direct iPhone is still growing, but the growth rate is less than the third-party retail channels.

In addition, analysts said the broader sales channels will benefit from Apple. Mizuho Securities analyst Abbe Lamba (Abhey Lamba) said that “the long term”, which would be positive for Apple. “Based on past experience in the technology industry, large manufacturers often doing their own good, but the ecosystem is not the case.”
Apple spokesman declined to comment.