Thursday’s terrorist attack in Paris should serve as a wake-up call to the French people. France’s lax immigration and open borders policies have made it a prime target for terrorists.

Since 2015, more than 230 people have been killed in France by terrorists. Most of the terrorists have been young males raised in France or Belgium. However, some terrorists have come to France the past two years along with the wave of Middle Eastern refugees.

Thursday’s attack was carried out by a terrorist who was a French national. The terrorist shot and killed a French police officer. The terrorist also wounded two other French policemen before he was shot dead by police. Police are still investigating whether the terrorist had accomplices from Belgium.

The attack came just days before France’s first-round presidential election. Two candidates emerged from that election on Sunday and will face each other in the run-off for the presidency on May 7. They’re Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen.

Le Pen is an advocate for closing France’s borders and restricting immigration. She wants France to be more vigilant in national security matters. She also wants France to abandon the euro used by nations in the European Union (EU) and return to the franc as the nation’s currency. She further believes in patriotism and the return to a distinct French culture through assimilation of the people in France.

Due to Le Pen’s conservative views, the left-wing establishment that controls France has labeled her a far right-wing extremist. It’s no surprise the left is trying to steer voters towards the more moderate Macron. He believes in France’s open borders policy and wants France to remain in the EU.

The United Kingdom was the subject of controversy last year when the Brits voted to leave the EU. Those who voted for the so-called Brexit did so primarily out of national security concerns raised by the open borders policy which EU nations follow.

The same concern for porous borders and the threat of terrorists sneaking in was a big factor in electing Donald Trump as the U.S. president last November.

The French should follow by electing a leader like Le Pen who puts France’s national security interests and state sovereignty ahead of the EU. If Le Pen becomes France’s next president, it may very well signal the end for the EU. But after all, this is a life or death decision for the French people.


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