Hoboken could be on the verge of losing many small businesses because their customers and suppliers can’t get to them.

Prospective customers are increasingly complaining that they cannot find parking anywhere on the street and even that garages are full or charging New York City-level prices to park. The customers say that the time lost and expense of garaging their cars makes the $15 toll into Manhattan seem minor.

Hoboken has been under pressure recently with the NJ Transit fatal derailment two weeks ago. The town is bounded by cliffs to the west, meaning it really only has two main roads in the north and south each to get in and out of town. The growing number of attractions and the growing population due to new developments means there is much more demand and traffic at all hours, but it’s putting a strain on a town which has nowhere to grow or go.

We want to hear from you. Is traffic making you avoid Hoboken? Is parking impossible in the Mile Square City? And how much would YOU pay for parking?