Jaywalking tickets in Kennedy Boulevard are on the rise!

Due to the high number of Pedestrians being hit by a car, Jaywalking tickets are increasing in Hudson County.

If you get hit by a car in some Hudson County towns, you might get hit again: with a jaywalking ticket and a $200 fine.

Worse, new state legislation allows town judges to impose up to 15 days community service on jaywalkers.

Some residents are claiming that they’ve been ticketed for jaywalking. To add insult to injury, they say heartless cops have given them tickets for hundreds of dollars in fines while they’ve been receiving medical aid at the scene of an accident! The jaywalking charge alone is now a $200 fine (doubled because of the new state legislation).

So, would you rather get a ticket for jaywalking or get hit by a car? your choice.


  1. Jaywalking tickets?!.. I just rode a dam bus on Kennedy blvd, where the driver drove past 45 mph, while talking to his other buddy drivers, about passing this guy and that guy, blowing by passengers because “it is only one person” and they don’t want to lose the “lead”..

  2. Oh yes..that is so much easier than stopping every single car for speeding. ..or stop the little busses from killing people. …pedestrians are the problem. …

    What a bunch of bulls**** if the speeders were stopped and if some of the bus companies had to hire licensed drivers that would sovle the problem, but take the path of least resistance. ..you can finish a donut and coffee and still catch someone on foot

  3. Good, pedestrians in that area are horrible. Often see kids being dragged along. That’s how accidents happen and then those non drivers want to blame cars when they can’t even cross where they’re suppose to.

  4. Two days ago, I saw a woman standing in the middle of Kennedy Blvd, on the yellow lines. Traffic everywhere. She had a baby carriage AND a 2 year old with her. She was busy texting. Like it or not, people….IT IS TIME TO ADDRESS THIS PROBLEM.

  5. Good ticket them the same way drivers are when they break the law!! ! People need to learn to cross at a light and not take it for granted that cars can and will stop because they’re pedestrians. I almost hit a couple of stupid women last night who decided it was their right to cross in the middle of the Blvd against a light. Thank God I was able to brake in time.

  6. Something has to be done in response to the number of pedestrians struck by cars. Speed enforcement as well as texting while driving and jaywalking.