Jersey City BOE candidate: “I’m appalled with the lack of sensitivity over city school bus issue”

Sudhan Thomas, running for a seat on the Jersey City Board of Education joined students and parents Thursday morning for a ride to school on a yellow bus to shed light on the issue of no buses for the city’s high school students.

“Jersey City does not provide yellow bus transportation for high school students and never has,” says BOE Chief of Staff, Maryann Dickar. “State law requires that we provide transportation for students who live over 2.5 miles from their school and for those high school students that qualify, we provide bus tickets for public transportation.”


  1. What’s wrong with public transportation? The school is providing a means to get students to their school, just as the law states. The city tax payers save a load of money not having to pay the salaries of the drivers and the upkeep of the buses..