Jersey City Embarks on Renovation of Historic Bergen Square

Bergen Square Renovation
The History of Bergen Square image courtesy of the city of Jersey City

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Jersey City Embarks on Renovation of Historic Bergen Square

Jersey City is taking a step back in time to honor its rich history with the commencement of the Bergen Square renovation project. This iconic area, which stands as a testament to New Jersey’s deep-rooted past, is set to undergo a transformation that not only prioritizes pedestrian safety but also educates residents about its significant role in shaping the nation.

Mayor Steve Fulop, alongside City Council representatives and the Department of Infrastructure, unveiled the plans for the Bergen Square rejuvenation. The primary objective is to metamorphose the crossroads, located a stone’s throw away from Journal Square, into a modern public area that pays tribute to Jersey City’s pivotal role in American history.

The Bergen Square Committee, established in 2018, has been instrumental in shaping the identity of this historic area. Their dedication has culminated in a visionary plan that envisions the transformation of multiple parking areas into a sprawling 5,400 square foot pedestrian-friendly plaza and lush green space. Additionally, P.S. 11’s bus zone will undergo relocation, paving the way for tree planting, the introduction of public bus stops equipped with seating and shelters, and the modification of Academy Street into a one-way street, adding 14 parking slots.

A notable feature of the renovation is the elevation of the intersection at Bergen Avenue and Academy Street. This design is inspired by a historic well that once stood at the site, catering to the water needs of the local populace and their livestock during the 1800s. Furthermore, Bergen Square’s legacy as the first urban square in the colonies and New Jersey’s oldest European settlement will be celebrated through the inclusion of traditional Lenni Lenape designs around the square’s boundaries.

The Bergen Square facelift will also see the construction of a dedicated cycle track. While the project’s completion timeline remains under wraps, the anticipation and excitement surrounding it are palpable.