Jersey City Gas Station Hit With Fraudulent Credit Card Use


JERSEY CITY – A Jersey City gas station reported that over the course of two months they have lost approximately $10,000  due to the use of fraudulent credit cards, officials said.

On 02/14/2015, the owner of US Gas Station on Central Ave. reported an individual or group of individuals using fraudulent credit cards to purchase gas and that the gas station is being recharged for purchases from these cards dating back to 11/15/14, officials said. He further explained to police that he noticed “a suspicious looking male filling up a container with gas,” according to officials, and that he decided to take a picture of the vehicle’s registration. The male paid with a credit card and the purchase went through however, once the owner tracked the purchase it came back as a fraudulent credit card, officials said.

The use of these fraudulent credit cards continues and numerous purchases of gas from several different fraudulent credit cards are still being recharged to the gas station. So far, they have lost approximately $10,000.

Officials were given the image of the man’s registration on the vehicle which came back to a 2003 Ford with an unknown model and color.

Officials are investigating and no further information is available at this time.