Jersey City Man Arrested with Possession of Gun and Drugs, Hoboken Police says

At 5:41 PM the police department received an anonymous call about a male in possession of a gun. The caller gave a description of the male and plate for the car he had just exited. Det. Quin and PO C. Milne were able to locate the car parked near 310 Harrison. Surveillance was maintained on the car. At 7:25 PM the arrestee enters the driver’s side and another male enters the passenger side. The car then drives away from the area. Det. Quinn and PO C. Milne follow the car and conduct a motor vehicle stop in the area of 349 5th street upon observing equipment violations on the car. The arrestee is asked out of the vehicle to speak with the officers. While speaking with the officers he appears nervous and keeps looking back toward the car. Lt. Corrado Allegretta at this time requests a canine unit from NJ Transit to respond while the officers continue with the motor vehicle stop . The canine unit responds and conducts a sniff of the exterior of the car and provides a positive indication by the passenger side of the vehicle. The arrestee after being read his Miranda Rights confirms there is a firearm in the car. A search of the car yields a .40 caliber , a magazine with 14 hollow point rounds, 11.8 grams of CDS crack cocaine, and 115.8 grams of CDS marijuana. The arrestee was arrested, processed on a warrant and remanded to the Hudson County Rehabilitation Facility.

Arrestee: Luis Williams age 23 of Jersey City


Unlawful Possession of Weapons (2ND DEGREE)

Poss. Weapons for Unlawful Purposes) (2ND DEGREE)

Certain Persons not to have Weapons (2ND DEGREE)

Weapons, Controlled Dangers Substance (2ND DEGREE)

Poss. W/I/T/D CDS-Crack Cocaine, 500 feet Public Housing (2ND DEGREE)

Poss. W/I/T/D CDS- Marijuana, 500 feet Public Housing (2ND DEGREE)

Poss. W/I/T/D CDS-Crack Cocaine (3RD DEGREE)

Poss. W/I/T/D  CDS-Crack Cocaine 1000ft of School (3RD DEGREE)

Poss. W/I/T/D CDS-Marijuana (3RD DEGREE)

Poss. W/I/T/D CDS-Marijuana 1000ft School (3RD DEGREE)

Poss. Large Capacity Magazine (4TH DEGREE)

Poss. Hollow Point Rounds  (4TH DEGREE)