Jersey City Police Shooting: Man in Mental Health Crisis Fatally Shot

Jersey City Police Shooting
Andrew Jerome Washington (Deceased) Courtesy of

Jersey City Police Shooting: Family Claims Victim Was in Mental Health Crisis

Article: Source: ABC7 New York

On a recent Sunday afternoon, Jersey City police shot and killed 52-year-old Andrew Jerome Washington, who they claim approached them with a knife. However, Washington’s family asserts that he was experiencing a mental health crisis at the time.

The incident began when officers responded to a residence on Randolph Avenue near Bramhall Avenue shortly before 2:30 p.m., following a request from EMS. The initial caller to EMS remains unidentified. According to a preliminary investigation by the Attorney General’s Office, Jersey City Police Department officers tried to communicate with Washington, but he allegedly declined to open his apartment door. This led to the involvement of the Jersey City Emergency Services Unit (ESU).

For over half an hour, ESU officers attempted to communicate with Washington through his closed apartment door. Around 3:30 p.m., roughly an hour after EMS’s initial arrival, ESU officers forcibly entered Washington’s apartment. Washington then allegedly advanced towards the officers. In response, ESU Officer Felix DeJesus used his stun gun, while Officer Stephen Gigante fired his service weapon, hitting Washington twice.

This incident marked the second time Washington had been shot by the police. A previous confrontation with law enforcement 12 years ago resulted in him being shot in the arm. A knife was recovered from the scene of the recent shooting.

Washington’s family has stated that he was undergoing a mental health crisis after ceasing to take essential medication. They had not anticipated a SWAT team to confront Washington, who was reportedly in an agitated state. The family had previously contacted a crisis center that had treated Washington for bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. They expressed concerns that he was discharged prematurely.

The entire episode was captured on body camera footage, which is now in the possession of the New Jersey attorney general, who is leading the investigation. The Jersey City mayor and the director of public safety have expressed their commitment to transparency regarding this case. They believe that the actions seen in the video footage align with departmental protocols.

Washington’s family has called for more compassion and understanding from law enforcement, especially when dealing with individuals experiencing mental health crises. They emphasize the need for improved responses to such situations, especially when family members are anxiously waiting for updates.


  1. mental health is a serious concern. And are Police departments are equipped to handle these type of incident. They need more training. Because to many people now a days deal with some sort of mental health issues. This is the reas why people delay call the Police. They are afraid and they fear for their own life. and

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