Jersey City Woman Charged With Burglary And Theft


HOBOKEN – A Jersey City Woman was arrested yesterday after illegally entering a building and stealing residents packages, shoes and other personal belongings, officials said. 

Elsie Roldan, 30, of Jersey City was charged with burglary and theft after attempting to take packages, a green razor scooter, boots, and a pair of purple high tops that had belonged to other tenants. 

Around 3:00 p.m. yesterday officers were arrived at 303 Jefferson St. and noticed that Roldan “wasn’t making sense with anything she was saying and she didn’t appear to be right,” Srgt. Cruz of Hoboken said. They requested an ambulance to take her to the hospital for treatment.

While on scene, officers spoke with several victims who reside in the building about the incident. They stated that they observed Roldan arguing with other tenants about the packages she was holding. At that time another tenant noticed she was holding her son’s purple high top sneakers. She also had a black garbage bag filled with other tenants belongings. 

Roldan told the residents that she was waiting for her sister but it was later determined that Roldan did not know anyone that lived in the building that she illegally entered. All of the items Roldan attempted to steal were returned to the owners. 

Elsie Roldan was placed under arrest by Officer Nikola Lulaj and is now being held at Hudson County Correctional Facility on $15k bail.