Jose Falto withdraws signatures in Union City in favor of freeholder seat. Falto told Hudson County TV he decided not to run for office in Union CIty after he had issues assembling a full five-person ticket. Instead, he will pursue the district 6 freeholder seat b currently held by Tilo Rivas.


  1. Jose Falto needs to run for Hudson View Nursing Home! Rumors have it that he is suffering from dementia.

  2. Carlos needs to stop flirting with all of the woman in city hall and show up for work sometimes. Carlos how many u family getting city and board of ed checks how can oh vote on raises for u wife

  3. Is that the real Carlos Vallejo whose entire family is on the Union City Payroll. Who was fined $15,000 for illegal construction? Carlos no habla ingl├ęs?

  4. Jose PLEASE you talk about more education teaching these kids these days is like teaching that brick wall that was behind you smarten up ok the name is FREELOADERS not FREEHOLDERS

  5. This seems like a smart first move…Perhaps w/Jose Munoz as chair & a Henry Marrerro victory we can at least! begin to make some changes in N Hudson County.