Jose Munoz, Henry Marrero announce team up at HDC event in Donnelly Park. Freeholder Chairman Jose Munoz announced his partnership with District 8 Freeholder candidate Henry Marrero at a Hudson Democrat Coalition Easter egg handout at Donnelly Park in West New York Sunday afternoon.


  1. At least Munoz & Marrero are capable. I would love for someone to tell me what they other two puppets have ever done.

  2. It is great to see two good politicians come together to help restore the good name of the Democratic Party in Hudson County, that has been tarnished by Pay to Play, over extended property tax abatements (a.k.a. welfare for the rich) that places unfair municipal, county, and school tax burdons on the non abated property owners and their hard working renters. And Our Hudson Democrat Coalition of hard working County Committee candidates will serve THE PEOPLE! Humbled Determined Competent!

  3. anyone notice Munoz sweat when Henry said he would donate his salary and county car? you could hear crickets… is Munoz donating his car and salary??

  4. Where is Emilio Del Valle and his colorful sponsor Herb Klitzner? Ever since Emilio Del Valle recorded chan.18 reporter Sherry Karabin neither Emilio Del Valle nor Herb Klitzner have shown their face. After all wasn’t it Herb Klitzner who instructed Jose Munoz to wear a wire against Mayor Roque? That was until Roque gave Herb Klitzner’s law firm legal work at WNY taxpayer’s expense, once the contracts were doled out by Roque Herb and Sacco abandoned Freeholder Munoz. I would hate to be in The Sheriff’s shoes with an individual like Emilio Del Valle working for me while he records everyone in the office.

  5. LOL! What a bunch of losers! What a small turn out. Munoz has been fighting against the machinery for a long time? bwahahahahaha he only turned against them because they turned on him first and that was only recently. Munoz has always been a yes man who kissed up to HCDO. Now they have correctly shown him the door. He is going to get creamed in the primary and it will then be all over! The fat lady is warming up loser Munoz.

    • One more thing. Did you notice that the supporters of Munoz are chauvinistic sexist pigs? It’s time for a female freeholder from WNY! Viva Caridad!

    • Wow! Anyone who sees Emilio Del Valle call better not pick up! We hear this guy has been recording Herb Klitzner, Nick Sacco and his boss Sheriff Schilarri. Maybe the next tape released will expose all of their wrongdoings. Stay tuned!

  6. I gotta say thank you to everyone that came out,it turned out great,great atmosphere and a great feeling of WNY PRIDE coming,Jose and henry great interview,Henry you killed it my brother.Kevin and the other haters,you should be scared because there is a storm coming its called #TEAMWNY and the power and will of the people.Like henry said the day of people being scared is over,we will stand up for US!!!kevin I do agree with you that we need the representation of a woman on the Freeholder board and there is a very competent lady running in JC by the name of Esmeralda but as far as Caridad you are dead wrong we do not need anymore robot representation on the board they got that covered….Caridad has been nothing but a puppet as a WNY Commissioner,she has voted with Roque and Silvio’s agenda each and every time that she has been told to.Hundreds of residents at multiple meetings about multiple topics that the residents of WNY where outraged by and people have begged and pleaded with her in these meetings not to vote against the residents that she is there to represent the residents and each and every time she slapped us in the face and voted with ROQUE….ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN YOUR BULLSHIT!!!Caridad has been nothing in WNY but a puppet and always went against those that elected her and know we will make sure everyone in WNY, Weehawken and Guttenberg know exactly what this lady is!!!!!!!!!!With FACTS NOT BULLSHIT!!!!!!!


    • it’s funny that your team Munoz now that you got paid… why doesn’t your new puppet donate the car/salary like Henry is doing…

      • David i believe Jose does not take a county vehicle.Jose doesnt have a pig salary,and doesnt make the kind of money some of these people are making.Secondly not only Residents for a Better WNY joined this Coalition but Comm. Wiley.We all have our big differences but we put that aside for what is more important than us.

  7. You are right about one thing Frank…. the people of WNY will decide, and that isn’t you. HCDO is going to trash you guys and give you a beating worse than your mama ever did.

  8. Freeholder Caridad is going to do a great job representing WNY! Munoz, it’s time for you to move to Miami.


  10. You are right Kevin. Munoz is history as is this bogus group called HDC. The C should stand for criminals.

  11. just saw the facebook page and it seems like when you don’t agree with the RBWNY you start to get attacked by the cronies in that group…learn to respect other people and their points of views…if you want to find some nonsense spending since you care about the town so much they why haven’t any of you commented on the fact that the county budget has gone up by close to 70 million dollars since your candidate took office…or heres a better one the freeholder salaries have gone up close to 50K since your candidate took office…in reality the nonsense spending done at the county level means that our taxes go up…oh and your candidate also gets his car and gas for FREE!!! imagine that while the average person in WNY can’t even afford to pay rent we have these bozos that we put in office driving around spending our tax dollars #NowThatsTheTruth #watchdogs #getreal

    • Patel,
      You threw out alot of figures. Freeholders do not make $50,000 so your number there is wrong. Back up your numbers with referenced source material.

      • Patrick, Patel is just part of the Sacco HCDO attack machine. They see the people standing up to them so now they will resort to smear tactics and lies.

      • sorry I wasn’t more clear Patrick… every year in the county budget there is an overall freeholder salary budget…what I said is that the budget has increased by 50K since 2008 not every freeholder makes 50K… essentially the freeholders have gotten a raise each year and you can see all of this it’s public information Patrick

        • Thanks for clarifying that part of your comment, Patel. With 9 freeholders sharing in a 6 year 50,,000 aggregate raise, that breaks down to about 2% raise annually. This is barely cost of living, if that.

        • on top of a free car and gas and the other public jobs some of them have it adds up to over 80K a year…is that a lot of money for a public official or would you like more tax $$$ going to them??

          • I think you have made some goid points, Patel. I also thing our County Legislature should be adequately compensated, so that they can be more safely beyond temptation of filthy lucre.

        • so you believe that we should pay them more tax dollars so that they resist the temptstion to steal? am I reading that correctly

          • Patel,
            You misread my post. How much do you need to be fairly compensated for the work you do? The Progressive Movement that began in earnest in Wisconsin over a century ago put forth the concept that public servants be equitably compensated. We’re not talking about paying them six figure salaries. They represent 12 municipalities and nearly a million residents. Pay them a fair salary.

        • Patel, you want to talk about fair comp? How about your handler Nick Sacco you think 3 jobs at over $359,00 00 plus half his family onto payroll is fair to the taxpayers.

        • let’s focus on one person at a time… Sacco is next but Munoz is under the heat lamp right now… care to answer freeholder ??? I’ll be waiting

        • Mr. Patel I make close to 42,000 dollars a year as a freeholder to which i pay 1.5 % for medical insurance and I do not drive a county car nor do I take gasoline from the county as you claim. I drive a Toyota and everyone has seem me on it. I also do not have a pension as it was removed for all elected official after July of 2007. I did resign to the 3 % increase for two years after the county exec did not want to give the increase to non union employees, and I did so voluntarily as I feel I voted for the budget and it was unfair for me to take it when I was asking other no to take it. Since I been a freeholder the county budget taxes have increase, yet my district West New York, Weehawken and Guttenberg have stayed stable. Even through the tough times of the economy I managed to keep our taxes stable, having small increases. While is true that overall the county budget has increase for all hudson county, I have maintained my promise of stable taxes. Yet corruption and government mismanagement plague our county and if people dont stand up and do something we will continue to have bad government….. it is time to wake up and get involve!

    • Patel I’m sorry if you got that impression that we at RES4WNY attack someone when they do not agree with us.That is absolutely false you might have seen us arguing or really probably speaking the truth about someone after they have attacked us or because we are fed up of and will not take any more raping of our town.We are not here to attack anyone,we are here to bring positive changes for WNY,get this horrible administration out of office and bring more democracy to our town.If you tell me which comments you are referring to,im sure I can explain what exactly happened that is if you like to know the truth.everyone is entitled to their own opinion and you dont see me attacking you do you.I’m answering you back very civilized and hey it is your opinion from what you say you read on our page.As far as Freeholder Munoz,I did ask those questions and I knew he gave back the county car and is not making a piggish salary.Jose has stood up to corruption,brought millions of dollars to WNY and in my eyes has fully represented WNY at his Freeholder seat and I’d hate to see him be replaced with a lady who has done nothing in our town.she has been nothing but a robot,there is plenty of videos that you can watch and see that what im saying is the truth.She has done nothing for the town of WNY and its residents and if she goes to the county she will just be a puppet up there.