Kearny Liquor Store Owner Talks About Attempted ATM Burglary

KEARNY – Northern New Jersey has been reporting several incidents of ATM’s being stolen out of businesses. These incidents involve individuals breaking the glass doors or windows, in these cases, using a truck of some type to make it easier to load the ATM onto.

Two weeks ago Kearny’s Buy Rite Liquor store on Harrison Ave. near the Walmart was one of the businesses targeted. The owner, Fandy, spoke with Hudson County TV about the incident. Fandy’s Buy Rite store only opened 2  months ago, he told us. Worried the men would come back, Fandy stated, “After it happened, we slept here for a couple days.”

The incident happened at around 4:45 a.m. on January 24, 2015. Officers responded to an alarm at the liquor store and upon arrival the front doors were broken and there was glass shattered with heavy damage to the wall. A Jeep that was reported as stolen just minutes before the alarm sounded, was parked out front running and had heavy rear damage. Video footage revealed the Jeep backing up into the business twice and two men wearing dark clothing and gloves moving the ATM onto the Jeep. There was approximately $2,000 stolen.

Police are reviewing camera footage but have not yet identified the suspects. No further information is available at this time.