It’s going to be a scorcher out there today, tomorrow and Tuesday.

The Hudson County forecast, courtesy of Accuweather says temps will reach the mid-90s, with a heat index making it feel even hotter. So it’s not just uncomfortable, it can be deadly.

And the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection has issued an Air Quality alert due to high levels of ozone.

According to New Jersey Health and Senior Services Commissioner Mary O’Dowd, the best way to avoid heat stroke is to drink plenty of fluids, stay in cool places and avoid over exerting yourself.

Extreme heat and humidity can be particularly dangerous to the elderly, young children and those taking certain medications, so make sure to check on family members, friends and neighbors.

Here are some tips from the Department of Health and Senior Services to keep you cool – and safe – when the temperatures heat up.

* Drink plenty of water or other non-alcoholic beverages.
* Spend time in air-conditioned places such as libraries, movies, malls or other public
buildings during the peak heat of the day. Check with your municipality to see if 
centers are available.
* Wear sunscreen, a hat and loose and light-colored clothing when outdoors.
* Avoid outdoor activity during the hottest hours of the day and reduce physical activity 
reschedule for cooler times of the day.
* Never leave children, frail, elderly, disabled people, or pets in an enclosed car — 
even for a minute — as temperatures can quickly climb to dangerous levels.
* Talk to your doctor about medications you are taking since certain ones — such as
tranquilizers and Parkinson’s drugs — can increase the risk of heat-
related illness.

If you decide to brave the heat in Hudson County, be smart and careful and let us know what you’re doing to stay cool.