An opposition slate to Hackensack’s incumbent council candidates running for reelection is little more than a “front group” for the Zisa political family, charges the publicist for the incumbents.

“The recently announced Hackensack United For Progress slate of Lara Rodriguez, Jason Some, Michael Williams, Carlos Merino and Rommy Buttafuoco is nothing but a front group for the corrupt and disgraced Zisa Machine,” states the release, which also charged that the challengers are connected with the former machine.

Labrosse Team Press Release

The Zisa family includes former Hackensack police chief and four term Assemblyman Charles Zisa.

“The Hackensack United for Progress slate is the Zisa team, completely controlled by Ken and Jack Zisa. Their election would be a disaster for our taxpayers and our city,” said incumbent Mayor John Labrosse. “Hackensack residents made a clean break from Zisa control four years ago and we’re not going back now. Our city is finally moving forward and taking its rightful position as the economic engine of Bergen County, and we will not let the Zisas come back and stand in the way of that progress.”

Hudson TV has reached out to Hackensack United for Progress slate for comments and they sent the following statement: “It is a shame that the leaders of the city of Hackensack are playing old time dirty politics by focusing on a 20 year old political feud instead of focusing on their record. It’s very telling when an administration focuses on their hatred for Hackensack residents instead of touting their accomplishments.”