Larry Wainstein is Reinforcing his Well-Earned Reputation as a Liar, North Bergen BOE President says in Letter

To the Editor:

Larry Wainstein’s recent Letter to the Editor is good for only one thing — reinforcing his well-earned reputation as a liar. Wainstein tried to push his way into contract negotiations between the North Bergen school district and its teachers, two groups who have always had amicable relations and continue to do so, especially now that we have agreed in principle on a new contract. But Wainstein doesn’t care about the teachers, the district or the students. His only goal is to make political points and smear Mayor Nick Sacco, as usual. 

What Lying Larry forgot to mention is that when he tried to hijack a North Bergen Board of Education meeting for his own selfish, political purposes, the teachers could not have cared less about his lies and false statements. They were there for their own reasons, not to be made into political pawns by Wainstein. After enduring five minutes of his unhinged rhetoric and threats, the teachers could not take it anymore. They walked out of the auditorium when Wainstein’s shady lawyer Mario Blanch came to the podium, making it clear that Lying Larry had utterly failed in his mission to co-opt them into his failing, endless campaign. 

Wainstein’s usual method is to throw out a mixture of out-of-context and completely made up statistics and accusations against Mayor Sacco, but he didn’t count on an audience of well-informed North Bergen teachers who saw through his lies. His letter to the editor continues his pattern of attacking our excellent school district, and now he has even stooped to opposing Mayor Sacco’s breakthrough announcement of a new North Bergen High School. This is exactly why the overwhelming majority of voters can’t stand Lying Larry, because he can’t even give the Mayor credit for an unambiguously positive outcome like the new NBHS! Maybe the reason why he’s not excited about the new school is that his children will never attend it, because they live in his $2 million mansion in Franklin Lakes, not in North Bergen. 

After Lying Larry’s five minutes to speak at the meeting were up, Mayor Sacco said what everyone in North Bergen knows: that if Wainstein runs for any office in the township again he will be absolutely crushed, just like he was in 2015.

Luis Rabelo

President, North Bergen Board of Education