To the Editor:

Larry Wainstein’s recent Letter to the Editor is good for only one thing — reinforcing his well-earned reputation as a liar. Wainstein tried to push his way into contract negotiations between the North Bergen school district and its teachers, two groups who have always had amicable relations and continue to do so, especially now that we have agreed in principle on a new contract. But Wainstein doesn’t care about the teachers, the district or the students. His only goal is to make political points and smear Mayor Nick Sacco, as usual. 

What Lying Larry forgot to mention is that when he tried to hijack a North Bergen Board of Education meeting for his own selfish, political purposes, the teachers could not have cared less about his lies and false statements. They were there for their own reasons, not to be made into political pawns by Wainstein. After enduring five minutes of his unhinged rhetoric and threats, the teachers could not take it anymore. They walked out of the auditorium when Wainstein’s shady lawyer Mario Blanch came to the podium, making it clear that Lying Larry had utterly failed in his mission to co-opt them into his failing, endless campaign. 

Wainstein’s usual method is to throw out a mixture of out-of-context and completely made up statistics and accusations against Mayor Sacco, but he didn’t count on an audience of well-informed North Bergen teachers who saw through his lies. His letter to the editor continues his pattern of attacking our excellent school district, and now he has even stooped to opposing Mayor Sacco’s breakthrough announcement of a new North Bergen High School. This is exactly why the overwhelming majority of voters can’t stand Lying Larry, because he can’t even give the Mayor credit for an unambiguously positive outcome like the new NBHS! Maybe the reason why he’s not excited about the new school is that his children will never attend it, because they live in his $2 million mansion in Franklin Lakes, not in North Bergen. 

After Lying Larry’s five minutes to speak at the meeting were up, Mayor Sacco said what everyone in North Bergen knows: that if Wainstein runs for any office in the township again he will be absolutely crushed, just like he was in 2015.

Luis Rabelo

President, North Bergen Board of Education


  1. “our excellent school district” are you kidding me, you must be referring to the wrong North Bergen school district!

  2. It’s a shame the Board of Education President has such horrible grammar and sentence structure. A true testament to our educational system.

    “If I had been involved in the contract, “instead of $400,000 a year, three public job holder DICTATOR SACCO – New Jersey’s highest paid school administrator – the contract would have been resolved earlier with a fair deal for teachers. Instead, Dictator Sacco strung the teachers and their families along. Why should Dictator Sacco care? He has three public jobs with separate pensions, and makes $400,000 a year !”

  4. I wonder how much he got paid to write that. He has no interest in really writing that. He could care less. Or maybe he didn’t get paid… maybe he did it out of intimidation… fear of losing his job if he didn’t write such nonsense? That’s how it works in North Bergen, especially if you’re one of Dictator Sacco’s boy toy. Come on man… you’re not fooling anybody.

  5. Rabelo is an Ooompa Loompa for Sacco who is only on the board because when he stands he can suck Sacco’s knob easily. Did Rabelo mention that his family is on the Board of Education payroll earning over half a million dollars per year. Did Rabelo mention that daddy owns a meat company where he sticks sausage in Rabelo’s ass.

  6. Writer said “New” H.S.? O is he talking about the Old tech building tha they want to turn it into a HS?
    That s the only thing I ve heard about. So I wouldn’t call it “new” more like a recycled old building to make it a HS.

  7. This letter says that Larry told lies, what lies?? It says that Mario Blanche is shady?? Why?? There are no facts in this letter to back up the silly statements. What was curious and actually alarming to me when I saw this video is why is Sacco hiding behind a curtain while the BOE is conducting their meeting? Shouldn’t the BOE be an autonomous agency. Larry alleged that Sacco controls the BOE and in what seemed almost comical, the Mayor, reveals himself to be lurking behind the curtain easedropping on everything and brazen enough to charge forth and publically attack and threaten Larry. How can anyone allege that Sacco doesn’t control the BOE after this, he didn’t even attempt to cover it up, it seems because he lost his temper and all control of himself. The sad part of all of this is that the victims of Sacco and

    • Larry pretended to align himself with the teachers, when in fact they rejected him outright at the board meeting. Larry also alleged my Father got paid a 40,000 stipend, when there is no record of any such stipend. Larry tried to insert himself into a situation where he had no business being. Then he tried to claim himself a hero, when he had no part at all in the resolution of the contract.

  8. Anyone who applaudes a government leech is as bad as they are. If you care about your town, help them grow, don’t drain them by collecting multiple government checks. Sacco is the biggest welfare queen in North Bergen and anyone defending that is as reprehensible and irresponsible as he is. Pretty pathetic.

  9. First Sacco was sitting at a table behind the board not behind the curtain. You’re just mad at Sacco for firing your criminal father. What was his jail time 6 years

  10. Nicky Jr. Is on the public titty. This kid wouldn’t even be a janitor if it wasn’t for daddy. His wife also sucks the public cock and loves it when it gets on her face. Stay out of politics Nicky junior our you might find yourself out of work in a few years when daddy goes to jail. Nicky Jr did you comment on your no show job being investigated.

  11. In summary, we reconfirm in case someone forgot that Crooked Sacco & family as well as Little Luis are and continue to squeeze all they can from NB through the BOE. STOP the dictatorship and corruption. Amazing the lack of shame that Crooked Sacco & family have to come here and try to defend the theft be committed on the residents of NB.

  12. Weinstein is a fake,fraud,and phony. Sacco is no angel but if the best NB can do is this clown.,God help us all.