Last Comic Standing keeps ‘em laughing in North Bergen

“I think this is my third one, third library show. It’s the only library I work, like it’s an exclusive,” says Comedian Alonzo Bodden, of Last Comic Standing fame, who performed a free show at the North Bergen Library Saturday night.

The Queens native likes performing in North Bergen.

“It’s cool, it’s something different… and you know it’s fun,” Bodden says.  “That’s mainly what it is… it’s very different than what I normally do.”

He’s the first comedian they ever had there.

“He’s really talented and people enjoy him and we’re very lucky to have him come back here and perform,” says Mayor Nicholas Sacco.

Alonzo doesn’t usually work in the kid’s section of libraries.

“Where I work the furniture’s usually a little bigger and they serve drinks, which we don’t do here, as far as I know,” Bodden says. “ You never know with these librarians, what’s under that desk.”

Merrill Kass is a huge supporter of the library.

“Specifically this library, they have such amazing programming and I’ve seen Alonzo two other times and he’s very, very funny,” says Kass, of Guttenberg. “So it’s well worth the visit and I know it’ll be a great night.”

The audience gets a toned down version of the comic’s act.

“I don’t change it that much for the library,” Bodden says. “I mean, obviously it’s gonna be rated G because these guys would be easily offended by language.

“Hey, that guy looks like he’s on parole. He’s not allowed this close to the kid’s section, just so you know… yeah, same thing.”

Alonzo has his pick of great material to choose from, straight from the headlines.

“We’re in the midst of the funniest presidential election in history – yeah, there’s a few new things,” Bodden says.

Cristhian Fernandez goes to the library’s most of their Saturday events.

“I like comedy shows, I always find it funny – and I heard he was gonna be here and decided, ‘oh,’ why not, yeah,” says the West New York resident.

Comedy in the burbs makes this math teacher happy.

“And it’s free too,” says Alicia Moormann, of Lodi.

If you didn’t catch Alonzo at the library, you’re still in luck.

“This weekend I’m in Hasbrouck Heights at Bananas, but I have a special coming up on February 19 on Showtime — it’s called ‘Historically Incorrect.’ So that’ll be my second Showtime special, so yeah, things are going good,” Bodden says.