Last North Bergen Meeting of 2012

Last North Bergen Meeting of 2012. The last Commissioner’s Meeting in North Bergen of 2012 went over rather smoothly. Several residents spoke out, the police department got a 2% salary increase and Mayor Sacco had a moment of silence for the lives list in the Newtown Tragedy. 



  1. You got to be joking a 2% pay raise the police are OVER PAID as it is I can’t even get 2% for my CD’s…
    Why does Sacco pay for there raise he make $300.000 a year for doing nothing he can afford it the PHONY GREEDY BUM….

  2. Michele, I want to see the Entire THM meetings; These R only snippets!~
    Actually I just want to see me on TV…hey, is that a crime!!!

  3. Michele, I want to see then entire THM’s. Can those be pulled up. Actually I just want to see myself on TV! Is that a crime…Of course, NB seems to be the indictment capital of NJ!
    But seriously I can’t improve my “presentations” if I can’t (groan!) review them…
    I just want to look as professional on TV as U do; even if I will never look as cute!!!

  4. Mr. Pollack i’m a bit confused. Just a few short years ago you were agaist Stack now your agaist Sacco. What do you go around the county picking municipalities to exhibit in appropriate behavior.

    • This guy is so stupid he can’t even write a straight sentence in English! Maybe that is why I R making U soo confoosed!!!

  5. Watch Dog no need to be confused just go to the video tape of Pollack speaking at a Union City or North Bergen meeting. One look and you will see what I mean.

    • Introduce ureself. I go to all UC, NB & WNY THM’s.
      Just don’t say I tried to choke U…
      That’s above my “pay-scale!”

  6. Mr. Pollack,

    Do yourself a favor before the weekend is out and bathe yourself.

    Side Note: Your mind is still stuck in Disneyworld.

    Reality: The feds will be setting up shop adjacent to Stack’s office in short order.

    Stay Tune, theres lots more in store.

  7. These R the kind of idiots that R going to wind up having their friend Nick Sacco doing a “perp” walk; when the prosecuting attoiney says to them after all their ‘foolishness;’ “We can’t help U if’n U won’t help urself!”