Lawsuit: Hackensack Council Tried to Purge Suspected Spies from Workforce

Hackensack’s current council members kept a secret list of civil service employees they wanted to fire upon being elected, charges a former Hackensack city manager in explosive court papers in a recently settled wrongful firing lawsuit in Bergen County Superior Court.

Employees who were “feared to be spies for the Zisas” were targeted, said Anthony Rottino in sworn deposition testimony in the civil lawsuit. The Zisas include former Hackensack police chief and former four term state assemblyman Charles “Ken” Zisa.

Rottino alleged that City Councilwoman Kathy Canestrino spoke about the “reality of removing certain people” when the now-current  administration took over after its May 2013 election. Rottino alleged that

employees were targeted whom “she didn’t feel were going to be friendly to the new administration . . . (And that)

she wanted to know if they could be removed.”

Rottino also claimed under oath that one reason certain people may have been targeted for removal is because it was feared they “might be spies for the Zisas,” in a reference to Ken Zisa.

See the transcript below:

Labrosse/Canestrino Team “Hit List” Exposes Council’s Abuse of Power by Hudson TV on Scribd